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“The Health Promotion Quiz Competition organized by NGO SHARE was held in Ermera”


The Heath Promotion Quiz Competition in Ermera district organized by a Japanese NGO, SHARE was held on June 6.



36 students from each of the 6 Sub-districts in Ermera district participated in the Competition to display their knowledge that they had acquired through SHARE’s health education projects for elementary schools in Ermera district, which were funded by the Government of Japan in 2009.



Ambassador of Japan was welcomed by the students leading him in a traditional welcome dancing of Tebedai. The questions given to the students at the Competition ranged from immunization to sanitation to healthcare. The students received prizes such as toilet brushes and garbage buckets from SHARE and the District Administration, which will also inspire their communities to promote sanitation and healthcare. SHARE also distributed herbal soap produced by local health promoters who have been supported and trained by another Japanese NGO, AFMET.



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