Japan's Assistance to Timor-Leste



PNTL Senior Official to Visit Japan


  Oecussi District Commander Mr. Mateus Mendes kindly visited Ambassador Iwao Kitahara on June 2 before his departure to Japan for a Seminar for Foreign Senior Police Officers.


  This program, organized by JICA and supported by Japan’s National Police Academy in Tokyo, intends to provide opportunities for senior police officers to understand Japan’s police system in order for them to help create an action plan for further improvement in their home office. Mr. Mendes is scheduled to have an opportunity to visit prefecture police headquarters.


  This senior officers program is being provided by JICA along with the other police training program in Singapore - a joint training program supported by both the Japanese and Singaporean governments.


   Mr Mendes’ district Oecussi was the first district to be handed over from United Nations among thirteen districts in June 2009 and to resume its police responsibilities. With this training program, we are hopeful that Mr. Mendes will be critical part of PNTL’s ongoing effort to rebuild its police trusted by the people of Timor-Leste.






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