Government of Japan Celebrated Inauguration of the Water Supply System in Hatolia Village, Hatolia Post-administrative, Ermera Municipality

Tape cut
Water distribution tank
Opening the water tap
     On 17th February 2023, Mr. Tetsuya KIMURA, Ambassador of Japan to Timor-Leste, attended the inauguration ceremony of the water supply system under the “project for improving public health condition in Hatolia village, Hatolia post-administrative, Ermera municipality”. The ceremony was hosted by Red Cross in Timor-Leste (CVTL), the NGO that implemented the project. Representatives from Ministry of Public Works, CVTL, local government officials of relevant authorities, and local residents joined Ambassador Kimura in the ceremony.
     Ambassador Kimura extended his sincere congratulations to the people in Hatolia village and CVTL for the excellent completion of the water supply system. He made a strong statement of the importance of the access to clean water, “good access to clean water will have positive effects on education and gender equality, as children and women can use their time for other purposes. Therefore, the improving access to clean water will have spillover effects on many sectors, including health, nutrition, education and gender equality, and we believe that this project has a significant impact on the people and the community.”
Welcome gate
     He added, “This project is not only building a water supply system, but also providing training on how to maintain the water supply system, how to prevent diseases, and how to respond to disasters. This approach has been very effective and impressive in improving the overall livelihood of the people in this village.”
     For this project, the Government of Japan provided $84,641 through its Grant Assistance for Grassroots and Human Security (GGP) scheme. Under thisThe project,  constructed a water supply system was constructed, and provided trainings on system maintenance, sanitation, disaster and agriculture were provided, benefiting 500 people in this village.
     Since the first project began in 2000, GGP has implemented, 132 projects in 14 Municipalities. The projects mainly provides assistance for community infrastructure, including construction and rehabilitation of school facilities, public clinics, and water supply systems, addressing various basic human needs at the grassroots level.