Japan welcomes the arrival of vaccines to combat the spread of COVID-19

Arrival of vaccines
The Embassy of Japan in Timor-Leste would like to express its condolences to those who have lost their loved ones, and its sincere sympathy to everyone affected by the recent floods. The Embassy sincerely hopes that Timor-Leste will overcome this difficulty and accomplish an early recovery. Japan stands ready to consider what it can do to assist such efforts.
It was heartening to see today the arrival of first lot of vaccines with the support of COVAX Facility as scheduled. Japan stands by Timor-Leste as it drives forward the effort to tackle the spread of COVID-19.
The current outbreak of COVID-19 has dramatically changed people’s lives all over the world. Far too many people are facing unprecedented tragedies and tremendous difficulties. We hope the vaccines that arrived today will help save the lives of Timorese people and contain the disease in this country.
As a co-founder of COVAX Facility, Japan is committed to equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics for all countries, and has contributed 200 million USD to this end.
In Timor-Leste, Japan will extend Emergency Grant Aid of approximately 2 million USD in order to assist the vaccine deployment. This assistance will provide cold chain equipment including regional cold-storage facilities and transportation as “Last One Mile Support“ through UNICEF and JICA. This Emergency Grant Aid will help get those vaccine shots to people’s arms in all corners of Timor-Leste.
So far, Japan has provided various assistance for COVID-19 response in Timor-Leste including providing ambulances and medical equipment, setting up handwashing points, and stimulating local economic activities through food baskets. Japan is committed to providing more than 15 million USD of assistance in total for measures against COVID-19.