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Inauguration Ceremony of The School Building Construction of Primary School No. 1 Iliomar, District of Lautem


By November 25th, the Embassy of Japan and the Local NGO FUFTILO jointly celebrate inauguration ceremony of the school building construction of the Primary School No. 1 Iliomar, District of Lautem.


By the completion of the school building construction, the Government of Japan provided US$ 107,810 under the Grant Assistance for Grass Roots Human Security Project, which is a financial assistance scheme to meet the basic need in the infrastructure sector in full compliance with the Timorese government’s development priorities.


The Government of Japan has attached special importance to rebuilding this remotely located school, which had suffered the vandalism in the resistance period that left it dilapidated even after 9 years of independence. Mr. Inoue restated in his remarks that by completion of this building, the school is able to absorb over 600 students in total where all the students have decent education facilities is, which is a key to paving the way for each student’s personal fulfillment in life as well as rebuilding the country to its fullest over the long haul.


The newly constructed school building and its fixtures will make the school possible for the entire student to study in classrooms rather than under the naked sunlight. This will also mean that the rainy season does not prevent classes from cancelling any more.


In the occasion of the inauguration ceremony, Mr. Inoue would like to thank to all participant in particular to NGO FUFTILO in completing this construction. And he added great appreciation to FUFTILO for its dedication and enthusiasm in bring about this project a great success.


In his last speech, Mr. Inoue added that the project has not only constructed the school building but also set a milestone in the friendship between our two countries, Timor-Leste and Japan. He sincerely hopes that this project will be long remembered and the sense of solidarity between the people of Timor-Leste and the people of Japan.


Iliomar No. 1 Primary school new building New equipment of desks and chairs
Vis Ministry of Education Mr. Paul Assis Belo, Embassy of Japan Mr. Kenji Inoue


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